These are the champions who will compete in the Gelato World Cup 2020.

Maximiliano Cesar Maccarrone Manager Argentina CMG2020

Maximiliano Cesar Maccarrone, Team Manager

Born in Buenos Aires, Maximiliano Cèsar Maccarrone, is an ice cream specialist and a pastry expert. Since 1997 he is founder and owner of “El Podio”, an ice cream distribution chain. At present, he owns five ice-cream parlors, an ice-cream factory and a patisserie factory. He actively and constantly participates in the management of the family ice cream parlor created by his father “El Cervio” and he is a member of the directive commission of AFADHYA, the Association of Artisan Ice Cream of Argentina. In 2011 he organized the first National Ice Cream Championship in Argentina and in 2013 he competed as Team Manager of his team at the Latin American Ice Cream Cup.

Matias Dragun Pasticciere Argentina CMG2020

Matias Dragun, Pastry Chef




Diego Irato Chef Argentina CMG2020

Diego Irato, Chef




Pablo Nicolas Renes Gelatiere Argentina CMG2020

Pablo Nicolás Renes, Gelato Maker




Ruben Darre Ghiaccio Argentina CMG2020

Rubén Omar Darré, Ice Sculptor


Julio Alberto Mojica Bolanos Colombia CMG2020

Julio Alberto Mojica Bolanos, Team Manager

Chef Julio Alberto Mojica, who since his 18 years found in this profession a life project, graduated from the Seine of Hospitality and Tourism and although being young he did not dedicate himself 100% to gastronomy. Specializing as Chef Garde Manger and Patisserie. His artistic approach allowed him to expand his knowledge at the Institut Paul Bocuse school (culinary arts) in Lyon, France and thus develop his research development in recent years, thereby awakening his interest in national and international gastronomic competitions, since he occupied the 1st place national inter-school championship Toca de Oro Nestle
Colombia (National Champion), then a 4th Place (ice category) World Cup CONTEC Peru Award, after that the 3rd Place Mayan Cup of pastry Mexico 2012 and 2nd also placed in the Mayan Cup of pastry Mexico 2014, selection by Latin America for the world cup and 1st place in the Latin American ice cream cup, Buenos Aires Argentina 2017, currently 2nd place in this same certainly to participate in Italy representing our country in the Sigep Rimini 2020 cup.

Jonathan Nieto Colombia CMG2020

Jonathan Nieto Hincapie

Jonathan Nieto was born on May 24, 1990 in Cali Colombia, pastry chef with 11 years of experience, currently technical advisor to a margarine and vegetable oils company called Sigra. I have participated in
national and international competitions as a chocolate candidate representing my country. With the experiences lived throughout my career and participations I have been able to contribute to the growth of the bakery in my city and motivate people for this beautiful profession.

Jessica Ramos Colombia CMG2020

Jessica Ramos

Jessica Ramos was born on September 18, 1992 in Colombia, a business administrator chef with 6 years of experience, a member of the Colombian pastry foundation and currently a cooking instructor at the Carulla
school, a member of different selections participating in national and international competitions which They have represented the country.  Organizer of Master class and fairs with international representatives in the city of Cali and a great passion for her profession

Laura Mojica Colombia CMG2020

Laura Mojica




Pabon Erazo Nacer Colombia CMG2020

Pabon Erazo Nacer

Stephane Auge Manager Francia CMG2020

Stéphane Augé, Team Manager




Adrien Lamy Pasticciere Francia CMG2020

Adrien Lamy, Pastry Chef




Franck Fouchereau Chef Francia CMG2020

Franck Fouchereau, Chef




Moudni Nabil Ghiaccio Francia CMG2020

Moudni Nabil, Ice Sculptor




Yoann Hasselbein France CMG2020

Yoann Hasselbein, Gelato Maker

Gunter Single Manager Germania CMG2020

Günter Single, Team Manager




Tim Tegtmeier Pasticciere Germania CMG2020

Tim Tegtmeier, Pastry Chef




Giovanni Finamore Chef Germania CMG2020

Giovanni Finamore, Chef




Francesco Carrer Ghiaccio Germania CMG2020

Francesco Carrer, Ice Sculptor




Federico Sacchet Gelatiere Germania CMG2020

Federico Sacchet, Gelato Maker

Renata Somogyi Manager Ungheria CMG2020

Renata Somogyi, Team Manager




Nandor Gergely Bergmann Ungheria CMG2020

Nandor Gergely Bergmann




Jozsef Laszlo Somogyi Ungheria CMG2020

Jozsef Laszlo Somogyi




Zsolt Toth Ungheria CMG2020

Zsolt Toth




Sandor Kerekes Ungheria CMG2020

Sandor Kerekes

Kanjiro Mochizuki, Team Manager


Kengo Akabame Giappone CMG2020

Kengo Akabame




Hiromi Nishikawa Giappone CMG2020

Hiromi Nishikawa




Naomi Matsuo Giappone CMG2020

Naomi Matsuo




Kkenichi Matsunsga Giappone CMG2020

Kkenichi Matsunsga

Giuseppe Tonon Manager Italia CMG2020

Giuseppe Tonon, Team Manager




Massimo Carnio Pasticciere Italia CMG2020

Massimo Carnio, Pastry Chef




Marco Martinelli Chef Italia CMG2020

Marco Martinelli, Chef




Eugenio Morrone Gelatiere Italia CMG2020

Eugenio Morrone, Gelato Maker




Ciro Chiummo Ghiaccio Italia CMG2020

Ciro Chiummo, Ice Sculptor


David Au Yong Malesia CMG2020

Au Yong Yung Yee, Team Manager




Jamaluddin Malesia CMG2020

Jamaluddin Bin Zainal Abidin




Mustaffa Kamal Cin Othman Ghiaccio Malesia CMG2020

Mustaffa Kamal Bin Othman, Ice Sculptor




Siew Chee Wing Pasticciere Malesia CMG2020

Siew Chee Wing, Pastry Chef




Muhamad Rusmi Bin Che Dol Chef Malesia CMG2020

Muhamad Rusmi Bin Che Dol, Chef


Gustavo Barbabosa, Team Manager


Luis Sarmiento Chef Messico CMG2020

Luis Sarmiento, Chef




Julio Cesar Moreno Gelatiere Messico CMG2020

Julio Cesar Moreno, Gelato Maker




Eduardo Suarez Pasticciere Messico CMG2020

Eduardo Suarez, Pastry Chef




David Miranda Ghiaccio Messico CMG2020

David Miranda, Ice Sculptor

Alexandra Sowa-Trzebinska Manager Polonia CMG2020

Alexandra Sowa-Trzebinska, Team Manager




Maciej Pieta Polonia CMG2020

Maciej Pięta




Michal Wiensniewski Polonia CMG2020

Michał Wiśniewski




Grzegorz Radajewicz Polonia CMG2020

Grzegorz Radajewicz




Robert Burkat

Ng Chee Leong, Team manager

Pang Yoon Hwa

Jeffrey Ng

Miller Mai Singapore CMG2020

Miller Mai




Jason Tan Singapore CMG2020

Jason Tan

Lluis Ribas Guardia Manager Spagna CMG2020

Lluis Ribas Guardià, Team Manager




Albert Soler Miquel Spagna CMG2020

Albert Soler Miquel




Albert Roca Badia Spagna CMG2020

Albert Roca Badia




Mayte Rodriguez Gigante Spagna CMG2020

Mayte Rodriguez Gigante




Martín Belmonte Spagna CMG2020

Lluc Dalmau Val